Scholarship for One-Academic-Year Students

Scholarship for One-Academic Year Students is provided to:

  • Outstanding students of Confucius Institutes (Classrooms)
  • Overseas local Chinese language teachers
  • Outstanding performers on HSK exams
  • Winners of the "Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency Competitions for Foreign College Students and for Foreign High School Students
  • Those who intend to become Chinese teachers

The scholarship winner may choose to study majors including Chinese Language and Literature, Chinese History and Chinese Philosophy.

Scholarship time frame: starting in autumn 2013, for one academic year.


  • Having bachelor or equivalent degree
  • Scoring 180+ on the HSK (level 3) and 60+ on the HSKK (primary level), or complete their study at a Confucius Institute for over 120 hours


For information on the HSK test, please visit the Pasadena City College's website. The upcoming test will take place on April 20, 2013.