Lesson Plans from the Summer Institute on China

Every year, teacher participants of the Summer Institute on China must come up with a lesson plan based on their experiences and what they have learned through the program. They must design these lessons to align with their classes' standards, both in grade level and subject area, while meaningfully incorporating the new knowledge that they have gained through their travel in China. After presenting their lesson plans to their peers and program leaders, teachers refine and submit their lessons so that the fruits of their studies can be shared with other K-12 teachers.

The goal of the Summer Institute on China is to combat eurocentricity in the U.S. education system and increase students' understanding of Chinese history, contemporary society, and culture by providing teachers with valuable expert instruction and a firsthand experience of China. By sharing these lesson plans, other K-12 teachers who were not able to participate in this program can still benefit from the teachers' experiences and pass that information and understanding on to their students, thereby exponentially increasing the impact that the Summer Institute has on the eucation system. Teachers are invited to look through the many thoughtful lesson plans that the Summer Institute on China fellows have designed and to incorporate them into their own classes.

The Summer Institute on China (SIOC) is a partnership program sponsored by the Institute for East Asian Studies at UC Berkeley, UCLA Confucius Institute, San Mateo County Office of Education, and Shanghai Jiao Tong University. The 2016 SIOC also received support from the Fulbright-Hays Group Projects Abroad Program.

5th Grade Geometry - "Coordinate Plane: Tessellations in the Mogao Caves"7.78 MB
5th-6th Grade Social Studies - "Meditation at the Mogao Caves"9.41 MB
6th Grade Earth Science - "Dunhuang Caves and Weathering"20.09 MB
6th Grade History, Ancient Civilizations - "Exploring the Mogao Caves"28.09 MB
6th-7th Grade Accelerated Math - "Ratios and the Art of the Mogao Caves"83.08 KB
9th-12th Grade Expository Reading and Writing - "Gender and Culture: Symbols and Stories"2.65 MB
9th-12th Grade Art and Art History - "A Study of Buddhism Through the Art of the Mogao Caves"25.9 MB
10th-12th Grade Geometry - "Surface Area of a Compound Solid"4.03 MB
10th Grade History - "Life Along the Silk Road"207.33 KB
10th Grade Modern World History - "Major Religions of Modern World History"59.18 KB
12th Grade Economics - "Globalization - Silk Road"12.67 MB
7th Grade Humanities - "Mogao Caves: Landscapes and Perspectives"257 KB
9th-12th Grade Visual Arts - "Borrowing from Dunhuang Bodhisattvas: Composition and Story"479.69 KB
6th Grade Visual Arts - "Ancient Chinese Art: Diversity and Unity"720.77 KB
6th Grade English, Language Arts, and Social Studies - "Ancient China"1.18 MB
9th-12th Grade Humanities - "Mock Trial: Theft of Cultural Artifacts on the Silk Road"399.91 KB
9th-12th Grade Visual Arts - "Landscape & Spiritual Experience"2.57 MB
9th-12th Grade History - "Buddhism and Trading on the Silk Road"567.98 KB
9th-12th Grade Algebra II - "Tourism Growth in Dunhuang"89.47 KB
11th and 12th Grade World Religions - "Buddhism and its Spread Along the Silk Road"1.95 MB
9th and 10th Grade Visual Arts - "Symmetry and Symbolism: Mandalas of the Mogao Caves"750 KB
6th-8th Grade Social Science - "Dunhuang Cave Day"451.4 KB
9th-12th Grade English - "The Mogao Caves"75.97 KB
12th Grade Social Science - "Women in Ancient and Modern China"60.69 KB
7th and 8th Grade Computer Animation - "Mogao Cave Art in the Classroom"635.37 KB
12th Grade Economics and Government - "Balancing Economic Growth and Community: Dunhuang and San Francisco"224.64 KB
10th-12th Grade AP Chinese Language - "The Dunhuang Frescoes"725.64 KB