The Language Flagship Program

Contact information is available on the Language Flagship website
Program Offered: 
undergraduate and selected K-12

The Language Flagship is a federal program designed to change the way Americans learn languages. The university-based Language Flagships serve undergraduate students in critical languages such as Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Urdu, Korean, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Swahili, and Turkish. In an effort to build language proficiency for all U.S. students, the program also supports a number of K–12 language programs and curriculum development initiatives designed to improve opportunities for language education.

Currently Chinese Language Flagship programs are available at the following universities: 

Arizona State University
Brigham Young University
Hunter College
Indiana University
San Francisco State University Partner Program
University of Mississippi
University of Oregon and Portland Public Schools
University of Rhode Island Partner Program
Western Kentucky University Pilot Program

Pilot Flagship/ROTC Centers

Arizona State University
University of North Georgia
Georgia Institute of Technology