Designing Model Membranes: 3rd Grade Integrated Unit for the Mandarin Immersion Classroom

Program Level: 

The 3rd grade unit was created by the Minnesota Mandarin Immersion Collaborative, a partnership program between Minnesota K-12 schools and the University of Minnesota's Center for the Advanced Research on Language Acquisition (CARLA) for use in Mandarin Immersion classrooms.

About Desiging Model Membranes (from the website):

"The Desiging Model Membranes unit is an interdisciplinary unit designed to connect learning across multiple subjects, including Chinese Language Arts, Science and Engineering, and Social Studies and Culture learning. Consequently, when implementing this curriculum we encourage programs to temporarily suspend teaching of these curricular areas and continue teaching only the math curriculum. Each unit makes use of a focal narrative as a means for contextualizing the subject matter content throughout the lessons. Units conclude with an adaptation of the ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) Integrated Performance Assessment (IPA). The MMIC Designing Model Membranes IPA purposefully pairs specific subject areas with different modes of communication as a means to integrate the assessment of language and subject matter."  

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