The Bay School of San Francisco

35 Keyes Avenue The Presidio of San Francisco San Francisco CA 94129-1736

In 1995, a group of San Francisco Bay Area educators, community leaders and parents had the dream of founding a new independent high school in San Francisco. They shared high ambitions and a conviction that the Bay Area needed something new and different; something that would take the evolution of independent high school education a step further. They chose as their guiding principle the notion that schools should focus on the future; not only the immediate future of preparation for college and training for adulthood, but also the future in which our graduates take their places as capable, courageous and ethical leaders in the interconnected, rapidly changing world of the 21st century.

After recruiting distinguished educators from across the nation, The Bay School of San Francisco opened in September 2004 with a faculty dedicated to the school's vision. These pioneers crafted a challenging college preparatory curriculum rooted in the belief that a true education for the 21st century requires knowledge of scientific and technical vocabulary and methods, as well as the ability to question the ethical and societal implications of scientific and technological advances.

In a post-9/11 world, religious and cultural conflicts occupy the spotlight on the world stage. The Bay School curriculum recognizes the importance of teaching comparative religions in a multicultural society and encourages multicultural understanding as a tool for addressing wide-ranging issues at home and abroad.

Since the school’s founding, the student body has grown from 53 to an enrollment of 305 students in grades nine through 12, guided by a distinguished faculty of more than 40 full and part-time teachers.  295 colleges and universities within and outside the United States admitted students from our first five graduating classes.