Los Angeles International Wushu Tournament

Above: UCLA Wushu Clubs show off their medals from the 2017 Los Angeles International Wushu Tournament

About the Tournament

This annual tournament draws the greatest martial arts talent from the Los Angeles area, as well as enthusiastic beginners and internationally-renowned master practitioners from China, for a day of fun, entertainment, learning, and friendly competition. The tournament is organized by Masters Hu Jianqiang and Zong Jianmei, two of China's most recognized martial artists and owners of the Los Angeles Shaolin Wushu Center.  

About the Shaolin Wushu Center

With branches on both east and west coasts, the Shaolin Wushu Center is one of the leading institutes for the study of Chinese martial arts in America. It offers a variety of classes in kungfu and taiji (tai chi) for athletes of all ages and athletic abilities—from the novice to the seasoned international competitor—and has trained thousands of students.

About the Masters

The Shaolin Wushu Centers in Hartford, Connecticut and Los Angeles, California were established by Grand Master Hu Jianqiang and his wife, Zong Jianmei.

Ranked as one of the top Chinese martial artists in the world, Master Hu Jianqiang began his training in 1970 at the Zhejiang Physical Education Institute. In 1981 and 1982 he won back-to-back All-Around National Wushu Championships and earned a prestigious spot on the China National Team. Representing China, Master Hu traveled to over 30 countries competing in international wushu tournaments. Master Hu Jianqiang is also famed for his stunt acting in more than 15 kungfu movie and television series including “Shaolin Temple” co-starring Jet Li. Featured in Kungfu: The Animal Within on the Discovery Channel, Master Hu Jianqiang was named “Master of the Year” by the United States Wushu Kungfu Federation in 2000.

Master Zong Jianmei, a graduate of the Zhejiang Wushu Institute, is an international wushu judge and former Zhejiang wushu team coach. She also served as a physical therapist for the Zhejiang Wushu Youth Team. Certified in 1981 and awarded the prestigious position of First Degree National Wushu Judge, Master Zong has since officiated at many wushu competitions and served as the Deputy Chief Judge of the International Wushu Tournament in Hartford, Connecticut and the Los Angeles International Wushu Tournament. Master Zong has over 30 years’ experience teaching taiji and qigong.

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