Faculty Grantees

The UCLA Confucius Institute offers grants for UCLA faculty designed to support research, creative, and educational projects that explore diverse areas of traditional, modern, and contemporary China. Below is a listing of UCLA faculty who have received CI funding.


Renata Fuchs, Department of Germanic Languages, 2016-17 grantee

Research for Fowler Museum Exhibition: German Photographer Eva Sandberg and Chinese Leftist Poet Xiao San

The project that I participate in is of interdisciplinary nature and involves the fields of art, history, and literature and results in a collaborative effort of the UCLA Confucius Institute, Fowler Museum, Department of Germanic Languages, and Alan D. Leve Center for Jewish Studies. My role is to translate and analyze the autobiography of the German-Jewish photographer, Eva Sandberg Siao, and to prepare a conceptual framework that will be used when exhibiting Sandberg Siao’s work at the Fowler and other museums. Funding from this grant was used for travel to key sites in China.


Marike Splint and Sean Metzger, School of Theater, Film and Television, 2016-2017 grantee

The Chinatown Project: Mapping and Peripatetic Performance

Our essay investigates the political utility of the term gap through the specific case study of San Francisco’s Chinatown by examining different types of guided tours through the neighborhood. Building from De Certeau’s notion of ‘pedestrian speech acts’ and Pierre Nora’s concept of ‘lieu de mémoire’, we ask how peripatetic performance might further the historiography, one that foregrounds women and human trafficking in particular.  Funding used from this grant was used for  travel to San Francisco's Chinatown.


Weijun Zhang and Ka Kit Hui, Center for East-West Medicine, David Geffen School of Medicine, 2016-2017 grantee

Chinese Culture through Chinese Medicine: Improving the practice of Chinese Medicine by disseminating evidence-based Chinese medicine to acupuncturists in the Greater Los Angeles area

In 2016, the Confucius Institute sponsored CEWM’s effort to build a community-academia collaboration between academia and acupuncturists in the community by supporting content development for a web-based integrative East-West Medicine case report and event sponsorship for the 5th Annual National Student Conference for Integrative Medicine on March 11, 2017.  


Monica Smith, Department of Anthropology, 2016-17 grantee

Research trip to Xi'an and Kunming (Urbanism and Buddhism)

As a specialist in the Indian subcontinent, I often am asked to compare the experiences of India and China across both the historical and the contemporary time scale. Accordingly, my visits to Xi’an and to Yunnan were designed to assess three factors: the structure and scope of premodern urbanism; the transmission and adoption of Buddhism as a religious tradition that began in the Indian subcontinent but achieved extensive expression in China; and the way in which heritage is preserved and presented for the public. I was immediately able to integrate the information from the trip into courses at UCLA, providing a first-hand view that the students found compelling and exciting. In the fall of 2016, I taught our department’s large introduction to archaeology course (258 students), in which I included a section on Chinese archaeology as a comparative case study of world archaeology. In the spring of 2017, I taught a new course, entitled “Religion and Urbanism” (48 students) in which I similarly included Chinese content about the long-term relationship of different religious traditions as a component of the three-thousand-year history of city life.