UCLA Summer Institute for Bilingual Teachers

Program Dates: June 25 - August 17, 2018
Face-to-Face Intensive: July 16 - July 27


Pre-Registration Deadline: May 31

The UCLA Summer Institute for Bilingual Teachers (SIBT) is an approved California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) program that gives K-12 educators the opportunity to earn a Bilingual Authorization in Mandarin or Spanish. Led by faculty from UCLA's Center X in the Graduate School of Education & Information Studies and experts in K-12 language teacher training, this institute enables in-service teachers to complete the requirements for the Bilingual Authorization over the summer. The SIBT program consists of three UCLA graduate-level courses, of which coursework includes classroom observation and a teaching practicum. Students are required to enroll in all three courses. Enrollment in individual courses is not permitted.

Why Earn a California Bilingual Authorization?
With a Bilingual Authorization K-12 educators can teach the subject area(s) covered by their primary credential (Single or Multiple Subject) in two languages.  With growing research demonstrating the benefits of bilingual education, the number of immersion language classrooms is increasing nationwide. Teachers who are qualified to teach in two languages are now in high demand. As many states have reciprocity agreements with California, teachers holding California credentials can teach in K-12 schools in other states. Out-of-state teachers should check with their state's Department of Education to confirm if a CA credential is accepted.

Students in the UCLA Summer Institute for Bilingual Teachers (SIBT) are required to successfully complete (3.0+ GPA) the three courses below:

413A. Language and Culture: Mandarin | Language and Culture: Spanish (2 units): Focus on language of emphasis for bilingual teachers. Practice in listening, reading, speaking, and writing competencies required for bilingual classrooms. Assessment made at end of course to determine proficiency of Bilingual Authorization Program candidates.

413B. Methodology for Mandarin Language Instruction in a Bilingual Setting | Methodology for Spanish Language Instruction in a Bilingal Setting (2 units): Consideration of models for developing cultural and language skills of home speakers of language of emphasis; practice in use of activities to develop student ability to use language for real-world and academic purposes in culturally appropriate ways. Consideration of models for teaching academic content in primary language for delivery of core curriculum to bilingual students.

413C. Culture of Emphasis: Chinese in California | Culture of Emphasis: Spanish in California (2 units): Discussion of commonalities of culture of emphasis in its home country or countries; major historical periods and events; values, belief systems, and expectations; migration and immigration; historical and contemporary demography. Letter grading.*Language proficiency must be proven through personal interview and the successful passing of Test III of California CSET LOTE examination. 

Program Structure and Coursework Requirements
Pre-Assignments (June 25 – July 15)
Prior to the beginning of the 10-day On-Campus Intensive (July 16-27) students will independently complete readings and reflections, as well as language development and assessment assignments for 413A.  

10-Day Face-to-Face Intensive (July 16-27)
During the 10-day Intensive, which will take place on the UCLA campus and at an LAUSD Tie-Ins School Partner, students will participate all day (approximately 8am - 5pm) in an integrated model delivered through a combination of lecture and classroom observations and a teaching practicum. 

Final Assignments (July 30 – August 17)
Following the 10-day Intensive, students will independently complete and submit to the instructor final course assignments including development of an integrated bilingual unit of instruction, lesson plan portfolio, instructional materials resource binder, cultural mapping project, course readings, reflections and a final project. All assignments and evaluation of teaching practicum during the 10-day intensive will comprise the final grade.

The program is open to educators from across the US who possess strong English language skills and expertise in either Spanish or Mandarin. 

Demonstrating Language Proficiency and Preliminary Registration

The California CTC requires candidates for the Mandarin authorization to prove language proficiency by passing the Subtest III of the CSET Mandarin examination. CSET dates, fees and sample tests can be found on the website. We recommend that SIBT participants take the Mandarin CSET before starting the program. To begin registration for the Mandarin Bilingual Authorization, please complete the Preliminary Registration Form. Once completed, an online interview for a language screening will  be scheduled.  

According to the California CTC, candidates seeking the Spanish Bilingual Authorization must demonstrate a range of language competence equivalent to passing the CSET. While passage of the CSET Spanish is not required for the UCLA SIBT program, candidates must provide evidence of advanced language proficiency.  To begin registration for the Spanish Bilingual Authorization, please complete the Preliminary Registration Form. Once completed, an online interview for the language screening will be scheduled.  
Program Fees

Registration Fee: $350 
Unit Fees: $2103 ($351/unit x 6 units)
Document Fee: $50
Total Program Cost: $2506
This fee information is only an estimate intended to help you plan. Please visit the UCLA Summer Sessions website for fee details, important policies, and deadlines.

Please contact the UCLA Confucius Institute (310.825.8839) with questions.