Interdisciplinary Dunhuang - Week 4

“A bodhisattva with the Eye of Transcendent Wisdom sees that he or she and all beings
share the same nature of emptiness, and therefore his or her liberation is one with the
liberation of all beings.”
Week 4 Photo Gallery
Focal Points
Perfection: Enthusiastic Effort
Medium: Music
Viewpoint: The Eye of Transcendent Wisdom
Sutra: The Amitabha Sutra
Cultural Lens: Africa in Tang Dynasty China
Poet: Li Bo
August 22 - Celestial Music, Improvisation, and the Rain of Flowers
Guest Lecturer: Vijay Iyer, Composer, Pianist, Music Professor, Harvard University
Activity: Talk and musical appreciation at UCLA Haines Hall
August 23 - Performing the Silk Road
Guest Lecturer: Chuen-Fung Wong, Associate Professor of Ethnomusicology, Hong Kong Baptist University
Activity: Talk, demonstration, and performance at The Hammer