Interdisciplinary Dunhuang - Week 3

“The Eye of Insight is the eye that can see the true nature of non-self
in living beings and the impermanent nature of all objects of mind."
Focal Points
Perfection: Patience
Medium: Dance
Viewpoint: The Eye of Insight
Sutra: The Flower Ornament Sutra
Cultural Lens: India in Tang Dynasty China
Poet: Du Fu
August 15 - Movement, Mudras, Miracles
Guest Lecturers: Hua Wenyi, Kunqu Opera master artist, NEA National Heritage Fellow; Michael Schumacher, choreographer, dancer, and teacher
Activity: Talk on movement and mudras with demonstrations and a joint performance
August 16 - Body of the Buddha: Art of the Dunhuang Temples
Guest Lecturer: D. Neil Schmid, Guest Professor, Department of Art History, University of Vienna
Activity: Lecture at the Hammer, reading of the Flower Ornament Sutra by Peter Sellars with dance performance by Michael Schumacher