Our Mission

Welcome to the UCLA Confucius Institute!

Based in the UCLA School of Arts and Architecture, the UCLA Confucius Institute is providing a platform for the study of Chinese language and culture across our region. Our approach to program creation is collaborative, with an eye on quality and goal to serve a diverse audience. Recognizing the wealth of resources available in California for the study of Chinese language and culture, we build our programs with local needs in mind.  Through partnerships with experts at leading educational and cultural institutions, the UCLA Confucius Institute tries to maximize its impact and develop long-term sustainable programs.
Los Angeles is home to the largest Chinese community in the United States. Since their arrival in the early 19th century, California's Chinese community continues to enrich our state's vibrant culture and economy. As trade and diplomatic relations with China continue deepen, there is a growing need for Americans with knowledge of Chinese language and culture across professions. In response the UCLA Confucius Institute works with campus and community leaders to build pathways for Californians to study Chinese, including programs that credential bilingual teachers for K-12 public schools and fellowship opportunities for artists in China. 
The UCLA Confucius Institute is made possible through support from UCLA and Hanban/Confucius Institute Headquarters in Beijing. The UCLA Confucius Institute is part of a network of over 500 institutes worldwide (primarily university-based) that offer locally-designed programs for their communities.
UCLA is proud to partner with Shanghai Jiao Tong University in this endeavor. One of China's leading universities. SJTU faculty and staff support the UCLA Confucius Institute in many ways including offering opportunities for California students, teachers, scientists, and artists to study abroad in China.
We invite you to learn more about us--and about the many opportunities to experience Chinese language and culture in California and across the Pacific.