US Constitution Requirement

Fulfilling US Constitution Requirement

To become a teacher in the California public schools, it is required that you have a thorough knowledge of the provisions of the US Constitution.

Course Route 
At UCLA students can satisfy this requirement by taking either Poli Sci 40 (Introduction to American Politics) or History 13A.
At Cal State University Northridge students can take Political Science 155 or 355 (formerly 305), Chicago Studies 260 or 445 or Pan African Studies 161 (formerly 272). At Cal State University Long Beach, students can take Political Science 100 or Political Science 391 to satisfy the requirement.

Exam Route
The exam is made up of 50 questions and it is required that you get 38 of them correct in order to pass. The questions require that know specific knowledge of the US Constitution so make sure to study the various parts thoroughly. Twenty-Five Lessons in Citizenship by D. L. Hennessey, available through local bookstores and libraries, and Constitution of the U.S., An Introduction by Floyd Cullop are recommended texts. Students can take the exam on the US Constitution at one of the following schools:

UCLA Extension Education Department
10995 LeConte Ave. Ste. 639
Los Angeles, CA
(310) 825-4581
Test is offered on select Monday afternoons at 2:30pm. Please contact them for current test dates.
Exam fee is $80 (parking validation included).

Chapman University, Center for Academic Success
Demille Hall, Rm. 130. 
Cost of test is $20. 
(714) 997-6828

California Lutheran University, Continuing and Professional Education
60 West Olsen Rd., #7100
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360
The exam is offered three times per year.
(805) 493-3543

Cal State Northridge University
18111 Nordhoff St.
Northridge, CA 91330-8343. 
The exam is offered once per quarter.