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Pure and Honest Folk Treasure: Art of Fengxiang Clay Sculpture

Fengxiang County is located in the Western Guanzhong Plain, unearthed tombs of the spring and autumn dynasty, the Warring States, Han and Tang Dynasties all have clay funerary figurines, from which we can know the long history of clay sculpture. Fengxiang painted clay sculpture is a kind of folk art in Fengxiang county, Shaanxi province, China.

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Instructional Guide for Mandarin

California's World Language Content Standards (WLCS) not only provide language educators with a list of suggested lesson topics (e.g., Animals, Families,  Travel), but also promotes a new methodology for language teaching.  This methodology moves away from translation-focused language teaching towards one aimed at building strong communication skills and cultural knowledge to allow students to effectively interact with speakers of Chinese.

Think Qiu!

The Culture Corner is a place where we can share information about everyday culture and language practices in China, and any related resources available that can be used to expand your knowledge . . . and build your talents!

Thinking about Autumn?  Think "Qiu"!

-Tired of feeling hot? Ready for the cool harvest season? Is so, then think "Qiu" !

-Do you know which song is the most popular song in China about autumn ?

-Ever wonder why the Chinese people take their cooking and eating so seriously?

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