Each year the Confucius Institute offers a variety of public programs serving people of all ages and interests in China.

In 2014, students from the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts (LACHSA) collaborated with students from their Chinese sister school, the Hangzhou Arts School, to produce Pacific Cinderella, a cross-cultural adaptation of Cinderella and the Chinese tale of Ye Xian. The production drew from many Chinese and American art forms, including Yue opera, hip hop, ballet, and classical Chinese music. 

A partnership program with the Kobe and Vanesas Bryant Family Foundation and the After-School All-Stars organization enables LA students to study Chinese martial arts and language, and travel to China.

Since 2010 the UCLA Confucius Institute has offered a calligraphy workshop for families during the LA Chinatown Summer Nights Festival.

UCLA student Andrew Cajas' Mandarin language skills and performance talents in this international competition won him a large fan base in China and a scholarship opportunity to continue his graduate work.