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China Arts Fellowship Information

China Arts Fellowship—Information Sheet

Program dates: Feb. 22 -Aug 21, 2018 

Shanghai Jiao University Xuhui Campus(上海交通大学徐汇校区)

Panyu Road No. 655 (番禺路655号)

Accommodations and Registration


No.9 Building, Exchange Student Dormitory  (9号楼, 留学生宿舍)

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Dormitory in the Taoli Yuan Building(桃李苑留学生宿舍)
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Born in China -- Screening for LAUSD Mandarin Immersion Students

On April 4, 2017, students from six LAUSD schools with Mandarin Immersion programs visited the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for a special screening of Disneynature's Born in China , a nature documentary that tells the stories of love, survival, struggle, and growth of four families of animals native to China -- golden snub-nosed monkeys, snow leopards, chiru, and, of course, pandas. The film was screened in its original version: Mandarin language voice narration and subtitles, challenging students to put their language skills into practice.

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