China Arts Fellowship Information

China Arts Fellowship—Information Sheet

Program dates: Feb. 22 -Aug 21, 2018 

Shanghai Jiao University Xuhui Campus(上海交通大学徐汇校区)

Panyu Road No. 655 (番禺路655号)

Accommodations and Registration


No.9 Building, Exchange Student Dormitory  (9号楼, 留学生宿舍)

#36 on Map


Dormitory in the Taoli Yuan Building(桃李苑留学生宿舍)
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Earliest Move-in Date: February 19th    Latest Move-out Date: August 24th

Student Registration

Taoli Yuan Building(桃李苑), International Student Service Center

Office Hours: 8:30-11:30, 13:30-17:00 (Mon.- Fri.)

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Class Registration | Classrooms

International Chinese Education Center, School of Humanities (汉语国际教育中心 (人文学院)

Lecture Building No.1 (教一楼)

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Fellows will be housed in No.9 Building or the Taoli Yuan Building on Shanghai Jiao Tong University’s Xuhui campus.

  1. No.9 Building features approximately 16 rooms on each floor and offers shared rooms with two twin beds and access to a shared shower and toilet facilities on the floor. There is no fee for this type of room.
  2. Taoli Yuan Building offers shared rooms with two twin beds and a private bathroom and shower. There is a charge of 350 RMB per person per month for this type of accommodation.

Single rooms are not available. Laundry facilities are located throughout the buildings.

Like regular SJTU students, Fellows will be asked to pay for electricity and hot water used, and laundry services. Your Student Card (issued upon registration at SJTU) can be issued to pay for hot water use (2 RMB for 5 minutes). Electricity is charged per room according to actual use and based on standard China rates.

Below are the steps to follow to gain access to your housing, and to register as a student and for your classes after arriving at SJTU. Please refer to the 3 campus locations listed above for map locations.

  1. If you arrive in Shanghai before Feb. 22, please go to the Xuhui campus and find No.9 Building. To get into your room, please show the Dormitory Supervisor your Passport and Admission Letter. Dormitory Supervisors are on site 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. Afterwards, please go to the International Student Service Center in the Taoli Yuan Building to register as a student and to give them your housing details. Everyone should do this within 24 hours of arrival.
  1. February 22 is Registration Day for your classes. Please go to the International Student Service Center in the Taoli Yuan Building. After you complete your registration, go to the School of Humanities in the Number 1 Lecture Hall. There you will get your course schedule and textbooks.
  1. If you arrive on Feb. 22 (Registration Day). Please go to the International Student Service Center in the Taoli Yuan Building to register as a student, and then check into your dormitory room in the No.9 Building. Afterwards go to the School of Humanities Office in the No.1 Lecture Hall to get your course schedule and textbooks.
  1. If you arrive in Shanghai after Feb. 22, please check into your dormitory room first in the No.9 Building, and go to Room 101 in the No.1 Lecture Hall, School of Humanities. Please ask Mo Laoshi (Professor Mo) for your course schedule and textbooks. Afterwards, proceed to the International Student Service Center in the Taoli Yuan Building to register as a student and to give them your housing details.
  1. Please note: if you arrive after Feb. 22nd, you will be required to go to Room B807, of the New Administrative Building, on SJTU’s Minhang Campus to complete your registration.

Course of Study and Internship Schedule

From Feb. 22 to June 29 you will be expected to attend 10.5 hours (14 45-minute class sessions) at SJTU per week: 12 Chinese language sessions and 2 culture classes. Because Chinese law requires everyone to secure an internship permit after arriving in Shanghai, your internship period will begin at the end of March and run through Aug. 21. This short delay will allow you to build language skills and become familiar with Shanghai before starting your internship.

The 2-week class trip to western China will take place the first two weeks of July. Exact travel dates will be announced later.

Chinese Language and Culture Classes

Each Fellow will spend 4 half-days per week studying Chinese language and culture at SJTU. Below is a sample class schedule. Because of the differences in your Chinese language abilities, each Fellow will have a unique schedule. You will receive a personalized course schedule on Feb. 22nd.





























Chinese Culture



Internship schedules are currently being developed with local partners. Like the class schedules the internship schedules will vary from person to person, and may include weekend hours. Given the limited length of the Fellowship program, our goal is to maximize your learning outcome and offer an in-depth introduction to contemporary Chinese art and culture. Get ready!

Living Costs and Related Fees

  • As a China Arts Fellow your tuition, textbook and dormitory fees, and field trip costs are covered by Hanban/Confucius Institute Headquarters.
  • Hanban will also provide health insurance in China to cover basic medical/emergency needs. It is suggested however that you also have an insurance plan from your home country.
  • If your student visa does not fully cover your study period, you may be required to apply for a Residence Permit. If so, you will be required to get a physical examination in Shanghai. The cost of the Residence Permit and examination is 600 RMB.
  • Stipend: Each Fellow will receive a stipend of 3000 RMB per month. At registration, SJTU staff will help you apply for a Bank of China card. Afterwards, you will must go to the local bank branch to activate it. Each month your stipend will be transferred directly into your account. Since a few steps are required to initiative this process, please bring enough spending money with you to see yourself through until the end of March.
  • Note: You should be able to access your home bank account from China. However, please notify your bank in advance of your trip so that they do not inadvertently shut down your account because they suspect fraud.

Getting to SJTU

SJTU does not offer airport pick up service, so please follow the information below to get to campus. (There are ATM machines at the airport as well as other several money changing companies.)

Pudong International Airport to the Xuhui Campus

1.     By Taxi: It will cost about 200 RMB (aka “yuan”) during the day (5:00am to 11:00pm) and 250 yuan at night (11:00pm to 5:00am). Important: Please catch a taxi from the designated public taxi stand just outside the terminal exit doors (jut follow the signs). Make sure that the driver turns on the meter. Do not accept rides from private drivers who may approach you inside the terminal. These drivers will not want to use meters and will charge you much higher rates. 

2.     By Metro: Take Metro Line 2, and then transfer to Line 1 at People’s Square Station. Get off at the Xujiahui Station. The campus is about a 10-minute walk from Metro.

3.     By Bus: Take Airport Bus No.3 and get off at the Zhaojiabang & Tianping Rd. (Xujiahui-徐家汇) stop. Then take a taxi to Xuhui Campus.

Airport Bus Line No.3  



Operating Hours



International Airport

Galaxy hotel

Terminal one: 7:00~23:00 (flight over)
Terminal Two: 7:05~23:05 (flight over)

15~20 Min.


Galaxy hotel

International Airport




Longyang Rd. Metro Station, Dapu Rd., Zhaojiabang & Tianping Rd. (Xujiahui—徐家汇).




Bike Rental

Hourly bike rental programs are widely available in China. Rental fees can be paid using your WeChat app once you have set up a local bank account and linked it via Wechat. Please note that bike helmets are not supplied with rental bikes and are not required by Chinese law. To be safe, please plan to purchase a helmet locally or bring one with you from home.