CAF Application Form

This program is designed for mature students who have an arts background and demonstrated interest in global culture. As studying Mandarin and gaining experience living abroad in China are key elements of this program, applicants who are native Mandarin speakers/ have spent large amounts of time living in China should not apply.

The Application Process

1. Complete the Online Application Form in full. To submit the form, please click the "Subscribe to the List" button at the bottom of the page. Please note that once submitted, the form cannot be recalled.

2. Respond to the Short Answer Questions below. Create a Word document and briefly respond (<250 words) to the questions below. Please label each page with your name and email address. Save your document as .pdf file with the title, "UCLA CAF_Lastname_Firstname".

3. Send an email to with the subject: "[Your Name] UCLA China Arts Fellowship Application" and attaching your Short Answer Questions and your Resume/CV.

4. Please have official copies of your Academic Transcripts sent to:

UCLA Confucius Institute
ATTN: China Arts Fellowship
1100 Glendon Ave., PH 8
Los Angeles, CA 90024

5. Ask 2 people to write Letters of Reference on your behalf.  At least one of them must be a faculty member familiar with your academic work. Please invite them to comment on your strength as a student, your arts background, relevant professional / international experience, and your ability to successfully live, study, and intern abroad. Letters should be sent directly to the Confucius Institute at the address above and arrive by October 6, 2017.

6. On October 10th Fellowship finalists will contacted to schedule an interview with the the Selection Committee.  

7. Fellowship awards will be announced on October 27th.  

8. November 1st, selected Fellowships must complete Shanghai Jiao Tong University's online registration to secure housing. 

Please email with any questions or concerns. We look forward to reviewing your application!

Application Materials must be recevied by October 6, 2017


Short Answer Questions (<250 words each)

1.   The UCLA China Arts Fellowship is designed to give UCLA graduates who have demonstrated interest in the arts, the opportunity to study and gain professional experience in China. Please describe what interests you about living, learning, and interning in China.

2.   To deepen your understanding of the local culture and enhance your engagement with the Chinese people, Fellows will take classess in Mandarin language and Chinese cultural history at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Please describe your experience learning languages and any relevant international experiences that you have had. 

3.   A core component of the China Arts Fellowship is an internship at a Shanghai arts institution.  Please share any talents, skills, project ideas, or experiences that may help you contribute to the creative team. (Examples: filmmaking, writing, design skills, language fluency, instruments, arts education)

4.   Where do you hope your time as a UCLA China Arts Fellow will lead you?